New Beginnings and New Wins!

04-Oct-2018 02:17 PM

Posted by Prashanth G J, CEO, Technobind

Transform or perish! That’s the slogan of the digital era. In fact, digital is the reason more than half of the Fortune 500 companies disappeared since the year 2000. Transformation of the IT department is a decisive factor, if IT leaders must stay relevant in this digital economy. At the core of this transformation is the IT’s ability to be faster, smarter and more responsive.

Yet, many organizations refuse to revamp their traditional siloed approaches to IT operations management. This results in significant management complexities and a decline in IT’s ability to respond to new requirements from within and outside the organization.

In the next two years, 80 percent of IT infrastructure and operations leaders will have failed to capture more than one-third of new, CEO-driven IT/digital investments due to outdated ITOM practices, researches show.

Industry experts guarantee that modern ITOM will be one of the most exciting areas in the near future, where investments are going to be focused on. We at Technobind, are truly excited about our new partnership with Micro Focus, which is the seventh-largest pure-play software company in the world, post the $8.8 billion spin-merger of HPE Software last year!

Micro Focus’ ITOM portfolio is built around the strong legacy of the market leading systems & network management products from HP. Despite its multiple avatars, before and after the demergers of HP and spin-merger of Micro Focus, this product line still retains a strong brand recall in the market.

New innovations around collaboration, analytics and AI have further enhanced this product range to be able to bridge that age-old gap between traditional IT and digital enterprise. We believe that this will be the right opportunity for our partners to be part of the data center infra play and add further value to their existing customers.

Today’s all-pervasive hybrid infrastructure environments have workloads spread across on-premise, private, public and multi-clouds. Modern operations tools are thus a great way to get your foot in the door at customers that were once perceived to be beyond your reach.

Analytics Gather Extraordinary Momentum

Picking where we left off, self-service BI and analytical tools have literally hit a home run for Technobind and our partners! In a short span of time, we received more than encouraging results from our customers across the country.

If you thought this success is driven only by customers in tier-1 cities or by a certain type of organizations, you will be surprised to know about our success stories in tier-2 and smaller cities.

In markets like Kolkata, for instance, we had an unexpectedly quick turnaround with our analytics solutions. This has given immense confidence to our partners, who are now able to go to new markets and customer segments, build their sales funnel and close some important deals!

The new generations of BI and analytics tools have in fact been a great boon for a set of organizations that could not access or afford analytics previously. Technical expertise or the shortage of right skills is the biggest challenge for them. With self-service tools available in the market today, even the business users can access and analyse data and derive insights. The entry barrier for such tools is quite low as compared to traditional products.

Customers in tier-2 markets, who have been geographically away from the ‘talent hubs’ in the metros, are able to quickly leverage this new wave. This is not to state that the large enterprises or organizations in the metro are more reliant on conventional tools. Both are equally fast-growing market segments. However, the new-age BI tools are providing a level playing field for organizations all over.

Many established BI vendors in the market today are in fact racing to catch up with their young rivals who are focusing on modern analytics.

With our right partnerships and unique portfolio of offerings, I am confident that Technobind and our partners are right on track!