Adapting to the new ‘Normal’

06-Apr-2020 11:11 AM

Posted by Prashanth GJ, CEO, Technobind

As I pen down this blog, Corona virus cases worldwide breached the 1 million mark and death toll is steadily climbing. What started off in a relatively unknown city of Wuhan in the central China has now become a global pandemic affecting more than 200 countries. The impact of COVID-19 on our societies and economies have been unparalleled — to such an extent that the history will have to record the world as ‘before and after COVID-19’. When we come out this crisis — which I am sure we all will - we will have many questions to answer. Quite clearly, what we considered as ‘standard’ - as ‘normal’ - will have vanished and we can never be really fully prepared to adapt to the new standards. Economists across the world are telling us that the COVID-19 crisis bring in an immediate restructuring of the global economic order.

For businesses, no matter how big or small they are, the situation calls for unprecedented measures and unusual thinking. For many of them, near-term survival might be the biggest riddle. For a whole lot of us, who are steering through a maze of uncertainties and waiting for things to return to normal, the biggest question will be 'What is the new normal?'

In just about 12 days, we have already set many new normals — working from home, physical distancing, self-isolation and remote collaboration, etc.! Most importantly, we saw what stood out in the times of crises — companies that innovate, technologies that aid social good and leaders who are empathetic. That exactly is the silver lining here. This global crisis is not the end; if anything, it’s the beginning of a whole lot of things.

Technology will continue to be a strong pillar

For us who are in the business of technology, the coming days are going to be about reinvention and reimagination. We have seen in the past few weeks the role of IT in helping us navigate through this tough situation and mitigating the disruption caused by the pandemic. Remote access to data, disaster recovery, cloud & automation, data security and many other core areas of IT are now in the forefront of defining this new normal. For the channel fraternity, I guarantee, there will be no dearth of opportunities. In the US, for instance, there is a more than 50 percent increase in demand for remote working solutions including hardware. To those who think this is a knee-jerk reaction — it’s absolutely not. Mobility is going to be the new normal in the world of work, so is the emphasis on aspects like disaster recovery and business continuity. So if any of the partners were struggling to start a conversation around data protection, management, collaboration and access— there is no better time.

The tech channel will now have to familiarise to this new ‘channel normal’. We already have the advantage of being trusted partners to our customers. During demanding situations, the channel is expected to be more agile, responsive and cross-functional. The ‘brand’ that we have meticulously built for ourselves will prove to be highly beneficial. At Technobind, we have long been advocating the importance of aligning business problems with technology solutions. And, that’s exactly the kind of strategy that will be appreciated by the world of ‘new normal’. Our time-tested approach will help us working closely with customers in shaping their responses more effectively. We have always thought beyond brands and beyond jargons to comprehend what the customer is really looking for. I think that the ability to cut through the clutter and adapt to the new realities of the enterprise world will shine through as our biggest strength.