Cloud Challenges - The Door to Plentiful Opportunities for Resellers

01-Jul-2022 11:45 AM

Posted by Prashanth GJ, CEO, Technobind

Good to be back on this platform after a rather long break. No specific reasons if I think about it, guess we just slipped up. Some of you have pinged me about this break and expressed their eagerness about the next blog coming up – I honestly hadn’t thought much about such interest levels in the blogs till this and I guess that is how it is in life too – when you are missing something one realises its worth – I did!!

As we move toward a digital future, cloud computing has now been looked at as something which is here to stay – it is ubiquitous. In terms of scalability, speed, performance, and flexibility, the cloud has a lot to offer both individuals and organizations of all sizes. The pandemic only helped to reinstate the same.

With most CIOs that I interacted with in one of the recent CIO summits – Cloud First is becoming a default stance when embarking on new projects and initiatives. And for the Digital Native Businesses, anyways cloud was the only option. Cloud is also the go-to option for customers the technology innovations like AI and ML, helping companies stay ahead of the competition.

However, despite these benefits, one area which is seen as a challenge to overcome for the CIOs has been that of Cloud Costs or rather the Management of costs, especially the predictability part.

Cloud Adoption - Challenges and Opportunities

Deriving optimal benefits from any IT migration to the cloud, be it AWS, Azure, Google, or IBM, with an overarching transformation strategy is not a simple task for any organization to navigate. Typically organizations face multiple challenges in the aspects of cloud evaluation, cloud migration, management, backup, security and access control, automation, and optimization.

From the myriad offerings from market giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google to smaller niche players, evaluating the best option for one's needs seems easier said than done. A cloud reseller can provide the ultimate guidelines and insights with a bespoke approach on which cloud providers should go as per their needs, purpose, services, commercials, SLAs, and other crucial factors.

These challenges offer us sellers in the IT domain large opportunities. Right from helping customers evaluate which cloud and the associated why’s and how’s to optimizing cloud costs for an evolved cloud customer and thereby helping him get a handle on his monthly bills – there are opportunities galore.

Also, many businesses lack strategy, when it comes to rapid or immediate cloud adoption like it happened during the pandemic. It can lead into a cloud sprawl trap, where they lose control over the cloud computing resources, exceeding the control over a planned budget. Smart cloud solution platforms here have the opportunity in automating cloud migration through ML and automation that can help in scaling, applying the most efficient mix of instances and pricing models, and eliminating overprovisioning and waste.

Cloud investments are expensive but it will be worse if companies fail to optimize the resources they have invested so much into, or fail to review their ROI on these investments. Cloud automation platforms can help reduce complexities and optimize costs for customers, by providing actionable cloud cost analysis and reporting, and providing optimization plans for maximum resource utilization.

Again, with raging cyber-attacks, businesses are in constant fear of cloud security and losing access control to sensitive data. Cloud partners can guide the customers in adopting the best solutions here that can help to govern security operations autonomously, provide real-time, unified visibility into security threats, and vulnerability data, and enable remediation for assured security.

Wrapping Up

As they say, within the crisis, lies the opportunities. Cloud adoption is a tricky endeavour that would require expert services to plug in to solve. I have been talking to a few partners and I am excited to see we are well placed to assist businesses in addressing these challenges and workloads and to oversee customers' infrastructure and security strategies.

We at Technobind are very excited about this market opportunity and are working on building a continuum of tools and solutions which will help partners address these challenges for their customers.

Talk to you soon on some of our upcoming alliances which is helping customers address these specific challenges of cloud automation and optimization – more about it in another platform.